Newborn Baby Care – How to Take Care of Newborn Baby


It can be extremely challenging to take care of newborn babies, and even more so when it is your first child. A newborn baby requires a lot of attention and requires you to spend almost all of your time with him or her. You might need to hire an assistant or a nanny at home who can lend a helping hand with the baby and the household work so that things can go on smoothly and efficiently. Today, we are going to talk about some of the top tips that can help you in caring for your newborn baby. Read on to find out more.

Caring For the Newborn Baby’s Health

When your newborn baby is born, you need to get him or her checked for any kind of health related problems and neonatal ailments. You need to have the baby tested for blood glucose levels as well as jaundice, as there are the two prime ailments that can affect newborns. If your child is suffering from one of these ailments, then you need to adhere to whatever the doctor suggests so that your newborn can be taken care of efficiently.

Feeding the Newborn Baby

According to newborn baby care tips suggested by expert paediatricians, breastfeeding is the only kind of meal a newborn should have. But, in case the mother is not able to feed her newborn, packaged milk can be used as well. The milk can be boiled properly, filled in a feeding bottle, and fed to the baby. But in a normal scenario, a newborn baby must have mother’s breast milk for at least the first six months. After your newborn is fed, you must make sure that you burp him or her after every feeding. This will help in proper digestion.

Handling the Newborn With Care and Concern

When lifting your newborn, you need to ensure that the baby’s neck and back are supported with your hands properly. In this age, the bones are extremely fragile, and extreme care and caution is of the utmost importance. You should never shake the newborn in any case whatsoever. You need to be gentle when handling your baby, and no type of rough handling should be practiced in any case. Sometimes babies cry for hours on end for no reason whatsoever, which is caused by colic in the stomach. You need to patiently handle this situation with gripe water and other medication to help your newborn baby relax.

Sleeping is Vital for a Newborn

When your newborn baby comes home from the hospital, he or she will sleep for several hours every day. This sleep should never be disturbed in any case. When the baby sleeps peacefully, the organs in his or her body start to develop much more efficiently and much more quickly. For the baby to grow up healthy, deep sleep is an absolute necessity. Whenever your baby wakes up, take him or her up in your lap and cuddle him or her properly. This gives your baby a sense of security and comfort, which is necessary for a baby to grow up properly.