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Is Your Wedding Date Near? Try these Fastest Ways to Lose Weight

fastest ways to lose weight
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I am sure that you have seen been to tons of marriages since your childhood. And after watching the brides at every marriage, the magnanimous desire that you have had is to look the best at yours! Your wedding function is once in a lifetime moment to make all your dreams come live. Who on earth would not want to look like an angel at her wedding? And after all you deserve it. The list of loving people is going to increase and the angel in you does deserve those angelic looks out! From your wedding dress to your favorite makeup artists, there’s no point that would be left untouched by you. But what comes as a nightmare to most of the girls is phrase of ‘The perfect shape”. All you need is to follow the best formula for fastest ways to lose weight.

Believe me girls; the task of weight loss is almost in everyone’s to do list before their wedding and that too, in highlighted bold letters! Putting away all those so called techniques of crash diet and starving on boiled food, here are the fastest ways to lose weight before your wedding.

Fastest Ways to Lose Weight Formula

The first thing that you must look upon is “REASON(s) FOR YOUR OVERWEIGHTEDNESS”. Yes, to find the fastest ways to lose weight, get back to the reasons on how you gained it! And then, we reverse the process from weight gain to weight loss. The reasons for you could be one of these or others that you should know before hand

  • Improper Metabolism:  No matter how less you eat, it feels like all of that contributes to increasing those not so lovely (oops) love tyres while your skinny friends eat almost everything on earth without putting on an ounce!
  • Genetic reasons for fat: You belong to a family where most of the members are fat. Or maybe, the only fats you have are in few parts of your body exactly where your mom had them.
  • Medicinal reasons: You took a treatment in past (for some sort of allergies, pimples, surgeries after accidents etc.) which kind of side affected and inflated you.
  • Lack of exercise: Well, now you need to work hard and counteract the act of laziness in the next few months.
  • Improper eating habits: You are one of those you love sweet dishes after dinner or cannot restrain yourself from eating out or grabbing a bite from others’ burgers.

Once you have known what kind of fat is present under your skin, it becomes very easy to lose weight effectively in just few weeks. Baby fat is more because of metabolism which can be taken care of by more of healthy habits than exercise while the fat accumulated due to improper eating habits requires hours of sweating!

No matter what, we have the solution here

Natural and Fastest Ways to Lose Weight

  • Vitamin C :It is a water soluble vitamin, so it gets excreted really fast. So you cannot rely on just one orange juice, a week. Vitamin C helps in cutting down fat and also increases the immunity of your body. Moreover, it can replace your favorite(though unhealthy) soft drinks very effectively.

Lemons are the most easily available source of Vitamin C which are available round the season. You must take two glasses of lemon water a day(without sugar) to cut down fat. Adding this drink alone can give magical effects in losing weight naturally and reduce belly fat. This has been proved as one of the quickest and fastest ways to lose weight.

Amla is one of the best sources of Vitamin C. It magically works on your digestive system, improves protein metabolism, and hence, cuts down fats. It keeps you active throughout the day. You can eat raw amla (one per day) or go to a nearby store and fetch a bottle of good quality amla juice (which is never green in colour) for yourself. Take it empty stomach in the morning , the changes start with the toning of your belly in just one month and then to rest parts of your body. This is the best remedy for people facing problems with genetic fat or fats due to lack of proper metabolism.

So girls, browse the internet, find Vitamin C around you and make best friends with it!

  • Fats vs Carbohydrates: Well, this is been a long debated issue. You might have heard people saying “Oh! I don’t eat sweets and even then I am fat! Why?”. There are many people who believe that sweets don’t lead to fat storage in the body.

Well, the fact is that the digestion of carbohydrates takes place before fats. And all of us know, if the calorie requirement of our body is over, the rest of the food gets stored ! So, if you are eating oily sweeteners then it is possible that the sweeteners might fulfill your calorie requirement for the evening and the oil directly gets stored in the adipose tissues.

Many health experts recommend completely cutting down intake of sugar right from day one to lose weight to a great extent.

  • Milk: Milk improves the digestive system and metabolic activities in the body. It also fulfills any sort of deficiencies in the body. It effectively cuts belly fat. But please be sure that you take milk only without any sweeteners or it would reverse the cycle!
  • Water: Make sure that you drink around 3 liters of each day. Avoid water directly before or after taking meals. Water after half an hour of meal helps effective digestion of food. Moreover, lukewarm water burns a lot of calories. Lukewarm water in the morning burns lots of fats and you’ll lose weight in no time.
  • Yoga and Meditation: Gymming is the first option that comes to every mind when we talk of reducing weight but the moment you get back to your daily regime again, the weighing needle starts becoming lighter instead of you! The breathing exercises involved in meditation assure better flow of oxygen into your cells and this is turn burns calories to loss of extra fat! Yogic exercises such as Surya Namaskaaris and Pranayama perhaps the best and complete one. Yogic exercises involve burning calories and stretching at the same time. Hence, you not only reduce weight but also get a perfectly toned body in just few months.
  • Eating Intervals: It is always better to eat less and light food in short intervals than eating at once for half of the day. A smart diet plan is one which lightens you without starving you. A gap of almost 2 hours must be given in between short meals.

It is always good to be in a nice proportion but at the same time you must take care that the weight loss suits your looks. After all, you are the best at what you are. A healthy body is more important than a starved and skinny one!

Just include some healthy practices in your daily regime and be the perfect bride!

Dealing With Stress | Stress Management Techniques

Dealing With Stress
Dealing With Stress

Dealing With Stress ?

Let us understand What is Stress and Dealing with Stress. Our life is full of multifarious moments and experiences. Hence, there are very few times when we feel completely happy or sad. There are always shades of black and white and one must keep himself balanced in the grey to keep going ahead.
Balance- that’s where the essence lies. Human life is about establishing a control over senses therefore, the emotions which finally usher our actions. Our actions, good or bad, lazy or vigilant determine how successful we are- our family, friends, relationships, career etc.
But have you ever felt a loss or even a disturbance from this balance. Well, everyone has!
Whether it’s while trying to run faster while escaping a stray dog from biting you ,or trying to catch up a train you are already late for, or when the time is running short in an examination and you have got plenty to write, or even when you are angry or too silent about something that just disappointed you.
What happens in such situations? The medical science has got numerous texts about the processes taking place in your body- the changes in breathing rate, heartbeat, body temperature, thinking and decision making abilities etc.
And this behaviour is in fact considered good as far as it helps you act more effectively and quickly in times of need. But if this behaviour persists, it makes you a really complex personality. If you are constantly under a loss of such a balance i.e. you are either too impulsive to fit in the common or too much a loner to be accepted by anyone, you might be facing Stress!
You are under stress and it can have really bad consequences. Though they may vary from person to person but people generally face sleeping disorders (lack of or excess of sleep), fainting spells, erectile dysfunction, hypertension, lower immunity, nervous twitches and changes in digestion. Anger, anxiety, feeling of insecurity, forgetfulness, irritability, lack of concentration, restlessness, sadness and fatigue become a part of behaviour. Saddening it is that such sort of unintentional behaviour of yours takes toll on everything you possess in life – your friends, family, relationships, career, social status and above all, your health. It is really important to prevent such a personality and if already build up, to alter it.
Here are some of the fundamental steps that can help you or your friends during such situations:

Dealing With Stress

1. The Realization
First of all, let’s make it clear that this is not a mental ailment or disorder. It is a part of life and to be honest, almost all the people face it at least once. It’s just that there is something or sometimes even when there is nothing and you are upset. It is important to realize such situations and reasons behind your being upset about them. For e.g. there are high chances to be upset during a conversation about a college or university you could not crack an entrance test for! Or to be upset at the sight of couples walking together after you have faced a heart break in life.
The first step in Dealing With Stress is always the realization of that one factor or many factors whether in your environment or your past that affects your behaviour. These factors are commonly known as Stressors. Even if you find no factors responsible and encounter such behavioural changes, it is important that you understand your behaviour- the time and environment that causes it and be conscious about them for yourself.

2. Understanding your Stress
This is one of the most important steps which can evacuate you from the loss stress can lead to. Try analysing your behaviour under the different situations with different people, things and places. In short, just observe how you react to the change in your environment and take a note of it.
While Dealing With Stress, some people feel like eating too much or too little, face food cravings, sudden angry outbursts, drug abuse, risen levels of alcohol and tobacco intake, sleeping disorders, frequent crying for no reason, social withdrawal, panic attacks, complete isolation and also, suicidal tendencies!
So, even if you face any of them or anything that’s not right according to the common behaviour patterns, it is important to recognize them and avoid them in your behaviour to a great extent.

3. Get a mentor/ guide
A counsellor, a teacher, a parent, an idol, a role model or a friend who can understand you and help you out of such situations. Stress becomes more stressful when there is no one you can share your things with. Sometimes, saying your heart out helps a lot in the problem. So, look around for trustworthy and understanding people whom you know either personally or professionally and share the problem with them. There are really many times when you cannot share things. So just try to accompany or follow such people who motivate you for life.

4. Take care of your diet
Though one of the toughest things to do by yourself because you usually don’t feel like eating or somehow, don’t snack on healthy food in such situations but yet it is one of the simplest ones. Eat the regular diet you have been eating since your childhood days because that is the one which your body is most adapted to. Add a lot of antioxidants in your diet chart i.e. take lots of fruits and green vegetables and avoid caffeinated drinks and foods. Dark chocolates, black tea and coffee to name them first, rely more on milk chocolate when you have cravings, green tea etc. And yes, do add a homemade antioxidant drink to your regime. Look out on the web for the suggestions on Ayurvedic health drinks for a refreshing start of the day.
Follow a diet chart daily and make it a rule to abide by it no matter what. A healthy body nurtures a healthy mind.

5. Exercise/ Practice Yoga
Exercising regularly reduces stress hormones. Whether you work out in a gym or practice yoga or just dance for yourself, it is always a relief. Just sweat the stress out. Find physical activities that you enjoy doing and make sure that you devote some time of the day for them. It really helps a great deal. Try these exercises.

6. Get going
The problems, the reasons may be big or small, it doesn’t make a difference. All that is important is that they upset you and you obviously need to stop letting it happen. Thinking more and more about the same thing even with an intention to reach out to a solution actually aggravates stress.
It is suggested that you avoid thinking over the same thing over and over again. It’s okay to take a leap from work to rejuvenate but make sure you do something constructive and bring your time to good use. Engage yourself in activities that make you happy. Pick up the old shading pencils and try your hand at sketching or give that guitar lying in the corner of the room a worthy chance. Doing things that generate a recognizable output or make you happy bring in confidence and confidence is what is required to handle oneself.

7. Relax
It is really important to make yourself comfortable, support yourself and love yourself even when the situations are not in favor. A comfortable environment creates positive vibrations and acts as a stress buster in Dealing With Stress. So play on your favorite music, watch out your favorite movies, visit that amusement park you have always wanted to, and develop a playful nature. Try keeping yourself in a cheerful mood and things would gradually become easier to handle.

8. Medical help
While Dealing With Stress, this is one of the recommended but surely the last step to be taken once you have tried all or at least some of the above. Reach out to the psychiatrist and refer a physician for proper medication to set you to the right place. And never hesitate or delay it. Act!

Stress is actually a mental state. And it is really okay to be upset or reactive towards few things in life. All you need to do is get back to normal as soon as possible to live a happier and healthier life.