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PGI Online Registration with Aadhar Card Started

PGI Online Registration

PGI Chandigarh understands health emergencies and considers patients as its top-most priority. Believing in a qualitative treatment, PGI Chandigarh offers exclusive online facilities to meet every health concern. PGI Chandigarh has joined Digital India Initiative to launch a very easy and hassle free PGI Online Registration system.  Now no need to stand in long queues. You can directly book your appointment with either Adhaar Number or Mobile number.

PGI Online Registration with Aadhar Card

As one of the first of its kind in Chandigarh, PGI Chandigarh brings for you an immense relief to book your health-care appointment online. All you need is your Adhaar card number and have an access to the internet to register online. With PGI Online Registration facility, now you don’t need to stand in long queues for card. Just book your Appointment Online.

Book your Appointment with Adhaar Number

PGI Online Registration without Aadhar Card

PGI Chandigargh offers you an alternative online solution to register your check up appointment. If you do not have the privilege to own an Aadhar card, then here are the steps you can use to register your appointment online by simply using your mobile number:

  1. Enter your mobile number
  2. Verify the OTP
  3. Fill out the details in the patient identification form and submit
  4. Enter your payment details on the payment process page
  5. Your appointment is successfully registered

Soon after registration, you will receive a SMS notification having the relevant details about the registration number, appointment time, date and the doctor. Kindly ensure a confirmation receipt of your online registration on your appointment date.

Book your Appointment with Mobile Number

You can also Download Android App to book appointment at PGIMER. After downloading you will get the same two steps for appointment. One with adhaar card and the other with mobile number.

CLICK HERE – To see your PGI Lab Reports online

You can also view, pay or cancel your appointment. Read More on View-Pay-Cancel Appointment

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First Signs of Pregnancy and How to detect them

First Signs of Pregnancy
First Signs of Pregnancy

Much prior to a missing period, the First Signs of Pregnancy can be detected earlier than that. For a full proof assurance, a pregnancy test is the best technique to follow. However with all these First Signs of Pregnancy shown, you can fully confirm the fact that you are expecting the good news:

First Signs of Pregnancy

So here’s a list of the most common symptoms that a woman can experience if pregnant:

  1. Exhaustion: Easy fatigue and exhaustion is one of the most common symptoms in pregnant women. With an increased level of progesterone, Exhaustion is a natural occurrence.
  2. Food Craving: There is a peculiar craving for certain foods that are sweet or sour. Hormonal transformations result in this behaviour.
  3. Frequency in urination: Urination happens more when a woman is pregnant and this is one of the clear reasons that you can be pregnant.
  4. Swollen breasts: One of the earliest signs of pregnancy is a change in the sensitivity of breasts. They become tender along and develop with an increased size.
  5. Vomiting with nausea: There is a natural morning sickness that occurs just within first three weeks of conception. It may lead to vomiting with an increased sensitivity to smells that can cause nausea.
  6. Mood swings: Mood swings again related with hormonal changes is another prevalent signs in pregnancy.
  7. Dizzy feeling: With a sudden drop of blood pressure, pregnant women suffer from dizziness.
  8. Constipation: Pregnancy can result in a slow digestive system. This can result in constipation.
  9. Implantation bleeding: Although it lasts for a shorter amount of time, yet this light bleeding occurs when fertilized egg fuses with the uterus lining. . Usually implantation bleeding is light unlike menstrual bleeding
  10. Headaches and Back aches: Lower back aches and unusual start of headaches are also a natural occurrence due to the hormonal changes.

Pregnancy Symptoms

Although it is largely believed that First Signs of Pregnancy or pregnancy symptoms vary from woman to woman.

However the above list represents the most predominant changes in body processes. If you experience the above changes and haven’t yet examined a pregnancy test, then check How to detect pregnancy at home. Good Luck! A lot of care is required during pregnancy. Find your fertile days with Pregnancy Calculator

Anti Aging Morning Exercises

anti aging YOGA
anti aging

Anti Aging

Before we discuss Anti Aging Exercises let us first understand some aging factors. Aging signs are unavoidable. It is the call of nature which reflects eventually with time. Unquestionably true that if you maintain a daily health routine, then your aging is sure to be slower than you would see in others. It has been said and repeated endless times about the importance of Anti Aging morning exercises.

Anti Aging Exercise

However simple and easy, it is essential to know the must-do exercises that can work for your body to slow down the aging. So here we go with our Anti Aging guide:

  1. Morning Walk

    anti aging
    Anti Aging – Morning Walk

Since times immemorial, morning walks are commonly advised to do daily. Although many knows about its basic remedies like weight loss and oxygen boost, however morning walks gifts us with a plethora of other health benefits. It improves blood circulation, reduces heart related diseases, elevates the energy levels, gives great sleep and increases brain-power.

  1. Breathing Exercises

    anti aging
    Anti Aging – Breathing Exercise

Breathing Exercises are a must for anyone and not just for Asthma patients. Impeccably used for stress management, Breathing exercises calms the body and mind with its brief and fast breathing techniques.The Excess oxygen intake through breathing exercises has innumerable benefits like improved blood flow, cure of breathing problems, skin glow, proper digestion and definitely slow aging.

  1. Surya Namaskar

    Anti Aging
    Anti Aging – Surya Namaskar

With Sun as the source of unprecedented energy in our solar system, this Yoga dictates the overall wellness of your body. Also called Sun Salutation, Surya Namaskar covers 12 postures as you can see from above. It’s benefits are a great many like improved blood circulation, weight loss, Anti Aging, mind re-freshing, skin radiance, body flexibility, regulating menstrual cycles(women),efficient digestive system and many more.

If these three exercises are not a part of your workout routine yet, then we swear, that these are requisite for your over-all health wellness.  As a matter of hardly 40-45 minutes time investment, you can surely adapt these morning exercises and see the results coming in not more than a week. So rise early and get going!

How to Get a Wrinkle Free Face Naturally?


Imagine a face without blemishes, wrinkles and stretch marks. It is natural that people will think you are a lot younger than you might actually be. A wrinkleless face thus exudes the magnanimous youthfulness that you would crave to achieve. The answer we put might be simpler than you might have anticipated, well it is the only sustainable natural theory called -Facial Yoga.

Strange yet true, like your body requires those daily exercises and jogging, your face too requires some muscular movements to regulate blood circulation. Human face comprises of 52 muscles that overlap each other and tends to sag down every day due to the natural pull of gravity. Resulting in a longer, double chinned and less elastic facial muscles.  With a daily 5-10 minutes invested on facial yoga, you can visibly notice the slow changes in aging as compared to your peers.  A facial yoga uses the age old techniques of acupuncture, pressure and muscle movements which can help the blood to uniformly circulate in your face making it look younger and more beautiful.

The 5 facial Yoga exercises we shall learn are based on the different muscles of our face that defines the different parts of it. The below image shall elucidate that well:

Facial lines based on which we well do our yoga include Worry Lines, Crows feet, Frown lines, Nasolabial folds and Smile lines. So without wasting much time on theory, let’s get back to some Action packed time with Facial Yoga:


How it is done:-
This Facial yoga involves lightly pressing the four fingers (other than your thumb) on your forehead and moving them slowly closing your eyes. This promotes the blood flow through the lines of the forehead reducing the tension lines. It can be done thrice each for 2 minutes.


How it is done:-
Frown lines Yoga can be conducted by using our index fingers, pressing the portion above the eye-brow in the forehead.  Same like the yoga for worry lines, it can be done thrice for 2 minutes each. It uses the technique of acupuncture to act on the nerve points that can help improve blood flow naturally

    image002 (3)

How it is done:-
These works great for reducing the laugh lines around your mouth and make them wrinkle free. All you need to do is take as much air inside your mouth as possible and keep it for 10 seconds and release it. Try doubling the stay-back periods with 10-20 and 30 seconds.

    image002 (4)

How it is done:-
Fish face yoga works perfect if you want high cheecks bone by completely vanishing the laugh lines . Simply stress that pout like a fish mouth and stretch them as if you are trying to smile with that face. Keep it for 10 seconds and consequently double that each time to thrice.

  1. SKY KISS:image002 (5)

How it is done:-
Also called the giraffe neck, this exemplary well to get rid of those double chins you have. Just stretch your neck high and back as much as possible and keep it for 20 seconds. Slowly calm it down. You can feel the sensation in your neck. It is extremely relieving and energizing.  Investing 2 mins every day can undeniably show you visible results.