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What is Stroke and Common Symptoms of Stroke

Symptoms of Stroke

Let us understand What is Stroke before we move to symptoms of stroke. Stroke is basically a “brain attack” in which the blood flow to a particular part of the brain is cut off. When this happens, the brain is devoid of oxygen and hence begins to die. Thereby, the cells that store memory and muscle control are lost. The after-result of the stroke varies from person to person depending upon the type of stroke and the area of the brain where it is affected. If the stroke is a smaller one then it causes only minor problems, however, if the stroke is a larger then it may cause larger problems like permanent paralysis.

Hence, it must be treated immediately otherwise, it could result in other grave problems.

There are two types of stroke:

  1. Ischemic Stroke: It is more or less similar to a heart attack. The only difference is that it occurs in the brain. Clots are formed in the blood vessels of the brain which blocks the blood flow. This generally happens to those having a lot of fatty deposits or plague that blocks the blood flow. Most stroke cases are that of Ischemic. 
  2. Hemorrhagic stroke: These occur when a blood vessel ruptures. The blood then seep into the brain tissues causing them damage. The most common cases are of High Blood Pressure and thinness of the blood vessel. The symptoms of stroke are given below:

The Common Symptoms of Stroke are

 Symptoms of Stroke

  1. Loss of vision in one or both eyes.
  2. Loss of speech and difficulty in understanding things.
  3. Sudden, severe headache without any reason.
  4. Weakness and a feeling of numbness on the face and other parts of the body.
  5. Loss of balance and inability to walk.

The best ways to prevent a stroke are:

  1. Eating a healthy, balanced diet
  2. Maintaining a healthy weight
  3. Exercise regularly
  4. Not smoking
  5. Avoiding alcohol or moderating consumption.

Other measures that must also be taken into consideration are:

  1. Keeping blood pressure under control.
  2. Keeping a check on diabetes.
  3. Treating obstructive sleep apnea.

Hence, remain healthy and protect yourself from these chronic ailments by living a healthy lifestyle. So, eat well, live well!

How to Control Hair Fall Naturally at Home

how to control hair fall

Most people nowadays are suffering from a major problem, i.e. Hair-loss! Now everyone wishes to have thick, luscious hair but unfortunately are victims to baldness, hair fall, dandruff etc. Before we find how to control hair fall let us understand what is hair loss? Now as the name suggests it is when a person loses excessive hair from his head. Every one suffers hair loss daily. We break our hair and re-grow it on daily basis which is why our hair looks the same and feels the same. If however, we begin to experience more than usual hair fall, then it is matter of concern.

The next question is what are the causes of such hair loss? Some of the reasons are:

  1. Physical or Emotional Stress- Any kind of mental stress can result in increased hair loss which results in baldness. So, it is very important to be calm and cool minded.
  2. Lack of protein- If you have less protein in your diet, it could also be a major reason causing hair loss. So eating a balanced healthy meal is really important.
  3. Heredity- The common reason is heredity. If your parents or grand-parents experienced hair fall at an earlier stage in their life, chances are that you would also experience the same.
  4. Dramatic weight loss- If you’ve experience a dramatic weight loss, it could be major reason for causing hair loss from your head.

Other reasons that also cause hair fall are:

  1. Using a shampoo which has SLS (Sulphur) as one of its ingredients- Sulphur is really beneficial in properly cleaning the hair and forms a lot of lather but in that process, it is so concentrated and so heavy that it results in washing out of essential oils in your hair. So it is a must that you use a sulphur free shampoo.
  2. Shampooing your hair incorrectly- If you don’t shampoo properly, even then you will experience hair loss as it results as a breeding area of fungi.
  3. Using too much chemicals and blow dryers- You must also not use dry shampoo and also not use blow dryers, hair strengtheners as they radiate a lot of heat which causes hair loss. So, use a natural shampoo which is not too harsh for your hair. Now let us see how to control hair fall by following simple steps:

How to Control Hair Fall Naturally

  1. Black seed oil– Use this oil on the bald spot areas everyday for at least a month. This would really help to re-grow your hair. You can also mix this with coconut oil and use it for your hair. Remember to use 100% pure black seed and coconut oil for your hair.
  2. Fenugreek seeds– Make a paste of fenugreek seeds with water and apply it onto your hair for at least 40 minutes and then wash it with water. Do this for twice or thrice a week for a month and notice the huge difference that it makes.
  3. Ginger Juice– Apply raw ginger juice for 4-5 times a week. The ginger juice contains properties that would really help to stop the hair fall and re-grow your hair.
  4. Aloe Vera– It contains enzymes that help in hair growth. Make a hair mask out of aloe vera and apply it on to your hair and scalp a night before washing. Do this for once a week.
  5. Flaxseeds– To manage hair loss, take a tablespoon of flaxseeds every morning with water which would help to prevent hair loss and promote hair growth.
  6. Egg– Egg has properties that helps control hair fall. Take the egg white of an egg and mix it with some olive oil and apply the paste on your head for at least 15-20 minutes. Then wash it off with water and a mild shampoo. Do this a few times a week.
  7. Coconut Oil– Use 100% natural coconut oil and apply it from the root of your hair to the tip. This will condition it and also helps in reducing hair fall.

So friends, take the least stress and apply these home remedies for hair fall ! Stay away from all the harsh chemicals and also, most importantly have some patience. Give it a month, at least, to help you re-grow your hair. If none of the remedy works, consult a doctor and you will be good to go!

Turmeric Benefits and How to Use Turmeric

turmeric benefits

Turmeric, commonly known as haldi, is actually the ‘Mother of all Spices’. It has a golden- yellow color and a sharp taste. It is one of the best spices and the best health foods available out here. Turmeric has antioxidant, antiviral, antibacterial, anti fungal and anti-inflammatory properties. There are numerous turmeric benefits as it is full of Vitamin C, Vitamin K, Vitamin E, Calcium, Copper, Magnesium, Iron and Zinc. Hence, all in one, it is the best health food and is a must for everyone.

Some Turmeric Benefits

  • Heals wounds faster

Turmeric is excellent for healing wounds and helps in faster recovery. This is because it is an antiseptic and can be used as an excellent disinfectant. In case of a cut, apply some turmeric powder and it will do the job.

  • Controls and reduces cholesterol levels

High Cholesterol is a major problem in most people and it is the root of all heart problems. So, it must be controlled. Having turmeric in your everyday diet can actually reduce cholesterol levels in the body.

  • Controlling weight

Turmeric is excellent in controlling weight as it has a component in it which actually helps in the breakdown of all dietary fats. Hence, it is a must if you are on your journey to reduce some extra kilos!

  • Prevents Liver Disease

Turmeric naturally helps in detoxifying the liver which detoxifies the blood of the body which helps in removing the toxins of the body. It also helps in proper blood circulation in the body.

  • Boosts the Immune System

As mentioned above, turmeric has anti fungal, antibacterial and antiviral properties which help in improving the immune system of the body. A strong immune system protects the body from all kinds of flu and colds. Hence, it is a must to have turmeric when you are unwell.

  • Controls Diabetes

Turmeric is also useful to control diabetes as it ensures moderation of insulin levels in the body and also controls the glucose levels in the body. It also speeds up the effects of medicines that control diabetes.

How to Use Turmeric?

  • It can be used for making the best Indian curries and dishes. So, just add a little turmeric in your dal or sabzi and it will be good to go!
  • Turmeric can also be used with warm milk. This should especially be consumed when you’re suffering from common cold or viral.
  • Turmeric is also excellent for your skin. Infact most Indian brides and grooms use it to enhance their skin just before marriage. So, make a paste of it and apply it to your face and other parts of your body. This will give it a beautiful glow and you will be slaying on your D day!
  • Turmeric is also a naturopathic medicine. In case of a sprain, make a paste of it using salt, turmeric and water and apply it on the affected area and then cover it with some cloth for atleast 20 min. This will really help the pain and swelling go away.

Henceforth, turmeric is an excellent Indian super food that is easily available, full of various vitamins and minerals that will help your body and protect it. So, use it on everyday basis and feel the change!

Mom and Baby | Tips For Childcare If You’re A Working Mom

working mom and baby

As a mom, it is probably the hardest to manage both your family and work. Initially taking care of an infant and then making sure your child is doing well at school, the stress is never ending! But this article is for all those moms who are managing their family and work simultaneously and looking for a healthier mom and baby relationship. Here are some of the tips that you could follow to make your everyday life a tad less tiring.

Working Mom and Baby

  • Staying organised:

I know for most your readers; this is possibly the least practical thing to achieve. However, I would suggest some ways for you to do that. First, use the reminder app on your phone and plan your day before hand. This would really help you to manage your work and home simultaneously and you would also get some time out for yourself. For example, in the morning, set reminders for what to cook and what deadlines to fulfil at work, it would be a lot easier. You could also cook the lunch and the dinner in the morning as this would help to ease out your work.

  • Check on your kids:

No matter how busy and occupied you are, always take some out for your kids. This would help to boost their confidence and would also provide a positive direction to your mom and baby relationship. Also, make it a point to check their school dairy daily to make sure that your child is completing all the given homework and is responding well in school.

  • Let go off any guilt, see the positive:

If you are saturnine because you aren’t able to spend quality time with your children, look at the positive and tell yourself how you are helping in his/her education and how you’re giving your best to your child. If you’re having a bad day, talk to yourself of how strong and independent you are and that a bad day doesn’t mean a bad life. Be thankful and also take some time out for praying about the boons that you have.

  • Stay connected during the day:

If you’re extremely occupied with work, take some out and call your child and ask about his/her day. Also, keep a family photo in your daily or in a photo frame on your office desk. This would truly motivate you to work even harder and give your 100% to your children and to your family.

  • Take some time out for yourself:

In all the mess and work, it is hardly impossible to take some time out for yourself, but in spite of that, you must. This is because it will help you keep sane and also help you keep a track record about yourself. So, for at least 15 minutes, be your own pamper-er and rejoice and celebrate the beautiful things in life.

Sinus Headache – Symptoms and Treatments Available

Sinus Headache

Sinus headache is a specific type of headache which is due to the inflammation of sinuses inside your forehead, cheekbones and on the bridge of your nose. Sinuses are tiny air filled spaces found in the areas mentioned before. The inflammation of sinuses is due to an allergic reaction or an infection. So, it is very important to be treated effectively.

Symptoms of Sinus Headache

Sinus is categorically characterized by a never ending pain in the forehead and other parts of the face. This pain becomes more prominent when you swing your head and put strain on it or bend down. Your face would be sensitive to touch and other symptoms like mucus discharge from nose and high fever could also worsen your situation. The pain can also travel to your teeth and upper jaw so it is important to treat sinus headache. However, the symptoms of sinus headache are more or less similar to that of migraine. So, if you have no mucus discharge then you are most likely suffering from migraine or a tension type headache.

Treatment of Sinus Headache

The treatment of sinus headache largely depends on the intensity of headache you are facing. If you are having mild symptoms, then, it may be treated at home by:

  • Resting and drinking some fluid from time to time
  • Taking drugs like paracetamol or ibuprofen
  • Holding something warm on your sinus area
  • Using decongestant nasal sprays or drops to help removing nasal congestion and heal the headache

Treatment of a severe Sinus Headache

If your headache doesn’t improve after a week, it is advisable that you see your GP. This would suggest:

  • Antibiotics: If the cause of your sinus headache is a bacterial infection, then antibiotics would come to your rescue.
  • Antihistamines: If the cause of your sinus headache is an allergy then it can be treated by using these type of drugs.
  • Corticosteroid: In order to reduce the swelling of your sinus, these type of sprays and drops are advisable to use.

In some cases, your GP may direct you to an ENT specialist who would practice some tests to find the cause of your sinus. If nothing works out, surgery is the last option.

4 Effective Relaxation Techniques which Actually works

relaxation techniques

Relaxation is something very individualistic. Some find relaxation in watching television while some find it by hearing music. For some relaxation is when they cook and some find relaxation in art. But here, I wouldn’t give my readers the benefit of doubt when I define relaxation. Relaxation here would only mean combating stress and bringing your nervous system back to balance. Here, I would give you very effective relaxation techniques to let go of stress permanently, to inculcate positive thinking and to rejuvenate your mind and body.

Finding the correct Relaxation Techniques

Since all of us are different, it is clear to understand that for each and every one of us finding relaxation and inner peace is different. The correct form of relaxation would be that which completely fits in your everyday lifestyle, that makes your negativity disappear and that makes you a better person everyday by making you more focused, calm and relaxed.

For that you need to understand what is your ‘reaction’ or ‘behavioural change’ when you get depressed:

  • Anger: If you get extreme anger or agitated or destructive under stress, then it would be ideal to meditate, do deep breathing and do progressive muscle relaxation. This would not only help eradicate your anger and your stress but also uplift your energy.
  • Depression or gloominess: If during stress you withdraw yourself from others and corner out or in other terms exclude yourself from the crowd due to depression which is basically because of your stress then you must practice yoga, exercise, massage or power yoga to energize your mind and nervous system
  • Immobilization and rigidity: If you suddenly feel that you’re freezed and become expressionless or simply ‘stuck’ then you ought to first develop and emotion to the cause of your stress. This emotion could be anger or even being depressed which could be then cured. In order to move out from that trance-like state, develop soe sort of exercise routine so that our mind is more focused and less dubious.


As discussed earlier, meditation is the best way to curb extreme anger, agitation and violent behaviour. People, especially who are short tempered, MUST make this a daily exercise and practice meditation every day for 10-15 minutes. It is something very easy to learn and can be practiced anywhere at any time. The fundamental element in meditation is deep breathing as while practicing it, fresh air reaches your both lungs and helps the body to regain the lost oxygen.

Meditation can be performed by:

  • Sit comfortably in a cross legged position with your back and arms straight with your thumb and apex finger pressing against one another.
  • Then slowly breathe in till your stomach compresses. Remember: don’t rush in when you’re breathing. You must inhale slowly.
  • Now once you’ve inhaled the air, exhale from your mouth (again very slowly) till your stomach muscles relax.
  • Repeat this step for 10-15 minutes.

When you are meditating, make sure that your mobile phone is turned off and there are no disturbances around. All your concentration should be on your breathing and posture. With every breath, you must feel the positivity entering your nose and negativity flushing out of your mouth.

Chanting the word ‘OM’

‘Om’ is a mantra or a vibration that has its roots from Hinduism and Yoga. It is considered to be of supreme power and can be said by anyone and everyone. It consists of 4 syllables: ‘A, U and M’. Now to understand why we chant it is that the vibrations that are made by chanting ‘Om’ are the same we find in everything in the universe. So by chanting it, we are physically and metaphorically transferring these vibrations and acknowledging all the living being, Mother Nature and the universe. So when you’re meditating always begin and ned your mediation by chanting ‘Om’. This would give a deeper meaning and life to your meditation process.

Practicing Progressive Muscle relaxation

This is done by loosening your body muscles and then tensing them. This would give you the familiarity of how tension and relaxation is felt by your body.

This can be performed by:

  • Take off your shoes and wear a loose outfit. Now begin with deep breathing in and out several times.
  • When you are relaxed and ready, slowly tense the muscles in your right foot. After about 10 seconds, release and relax the muscle.
  • Repeat the same process in your left foot and other parts of your body including your arms, chest, back and stomach.

This process of meditation can also be done in your entire body by focusing or putting your ‘dhyaan’ in each and every sensation in your body.

Massage therapy

After a tiresome day, you could also practice some self massage to relax your body and release all the stress. For the massage, you could also use aromatic oil or some stress releasing lotion. To begin with the massage, knead your back muscles and then using your thumb press the temples of your forehead slowly. Also massage your scalp. Then slowly massage your face using your fingertips. This will rejuvenate your body and de-stress you before you head on the sleep.

How to Reduce Weight in Six Weeks

How to Reduce Weight

If you are searching for How to Reduce Weight, then you are at the right place. Follow the below mentioned methods and see the magic:

WATER – Drink Atleast 8 Glasses of Water Daily
The key aspect in losing weight is drinking lots and lots of water, this is because water plays a vital role in the proper functioning of human body and that holds true in the metabolism of fat. Hence, during your weight loss process, try to drink at least 1 glass of water after every 1 hour, this help to keep you hydrated and fresh all day long. Apart from this, you must also incorporate lemon water in your diet regime. The best time to drink lukewarm lemon water is as your pre breakfast, when you wake up. If you are someone who is suffering from joint pains then you must add honey in this lukewarm lemon water before drinking.

EXERCISE – One Hour of Exercise Daily:
Now, a lot of you have heard the importance of exercise and how beneficial it is for your body. So, in order to stay fit and to improve your general metabolism, one must exercise for at least an hour every day. Now a lot of you must be thinking how hard it is to go to the gym to exercise. But working out doesn’t necessarily mean to go the gym and running on the treadmill for hours. While some people enjoy running, some like to dance and some to like to cycle. So, what is important to understand is that whatever workout you enjoy, you must do that and not emphasise on gyming only.

LIFESTYLE – Changing your Lifestyle:
This basically means that if you are someone who leads a sedentary or a low active lifestyle, then you must change it. Instead of taking the cab/car you should walk more often or instead of using lifts or escalators, use the stairs. By incorporating such changes in your lifestyle, you will start to feel more active and break your usual chain per day calorie reduction. So, you must change you inactive lifestyle into a more active one. All this will have a major impact in your journey of weight loss.

DIET – Diet Changes:
It is a scientific fact that for your weight loss, 70% is what you eat, i.e., your diet and 30% is your exercise. So, in order to be healthy, you must eat healthy. This basically means not eating fried and junk foods and also starchy foods, like potatoes, during the day. You must not eat sugary foods as they would never help you to reduce the weight you desire. However, this does not mean cutting them permanently from your diet, what you should focus on is intelligent eating. So, if you really love eating cheese, put a slice of it in your sandwich for your breakfast only. This is because what you eat in your breakfast will break down quickly than what you eat during the rest of your day. Also, eating a piece of dark chocolate is also very beneficial for your health and skin. But you must have a light dinner as during the night when you sleep, the breakdown of food into glucose is a very slow process.                                                                                                                                                                     One more important thing is that you must NOT starve yourself. Generally people on a diet reduce their meals and even skip their meals. You must never do that. Rather instead of skipping them, you must increase them, i.e., instead of having 3 meals every day, you must have 5-6 meals as it would help to increase your metabolism rate and help you reduce weight.

SLEEP – Sleeping cycle:
Last but not the least is sleeping at the right time for the right amount. You must sleep for at least 7 to 8 hours every day. This means that you should sleep maximum by 10 or 11 pm during the night and wake up by 6 or 7 pm at max. You must, must not have a disturbed sleeping pattern as it would completely ruin your efforts towards healthy living. So, sleep well, eat well and exercise!!