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What is Motivation | How to Stay Motivated toward your Goals


There is an abstract energy in this universe that induces an individual to achieve a specific goal, effectively. This stimulative energy is called, Motivation.

What is Motivation what is motivation

According to my perception, motivation is a theory which explains people’s behavior, reasons for their actions, desires and meets. It compels an individual to inculcate the ‘go-getter’ approach. This energy is subjected to numerous factors that can be broadly categorized into two parts, i.e., External factors such as, recognition, rewards, appreciation etc., and Internal factors such as challenge, curiosity, control etc. It is to be noted, that external factors on one hand are significantly created by situations and people around an individual whereas internal factors completely revolve around an individual’s own opinion, approach and urge only. Basically, these factors stimulate the desires of people to be committed to a job or subject and make an effort to attain goals. Motivation is literally the desire to do things. It’s the crucial element in setting and attaining goals.

  • Motivation is the act of giving someone or your own self, a reason for doing a particular task. Research proves that one can not only stimulate others but influence one’s own level of motivation and self control.
  • One should get started with the targets that one tries to set instead of just thinking about it. Once you start it’s never as hard as one thinks it to be and finally make it a pleasure. You should make your goal or activity fun which helps in developing interest in the same and thus, successfully attaining it.
  • Once you set your targets you should give it time and be patient. Don’t give up if the results are delayed. Another practical way of staying constantly motivated is to break up your large life goals into mini-goals and have a pleasurable journey. Every individual should self- reward after attainment of any project.

How to Stay Motivatedhow to stay motivated

  • To stay motivated one should take inspiration from success stories, people you meet, quotes and books etc. If you really want to stay motivated have a strong reason to fix a target.
  • Push the negative thoughts out of your mind and replace them with a positive attitude as this will have an amazing effect on your personality.

Motivation is undoubtedly the driving force of one’s inner self that makes us what we are.

Since now we are thorough with the theory of motivation and how to go about the same, it’s now time for us to evaluate as to why one should make attempts to be filled with an energy of zeal and zest. In order to understand the same, I’d like to list out a few reasons in support of motivation:

  1. It is the motivation that makes a person rise in his social and psychological strata beat competitive exams or any exam of life.
  2. Motivation infuses life into dreams of an individual and helps him in organizing the chain of events; and lay a path to follow his dreams. There are many people, factors who motivate people and are inspirational in other’s lives as discussed above.
  3. Motivation allows you to chart your progress and thus creates an urge to meet up the targets successfully. In order to do the same, one can take an account of things and also award oneself the gold and silver stars for one’s performance in any field and strive for perfection.

To culminate, I would like to say that motivation is the essence of life. It allows you to create your own pathways, dream passionately and fulfill the same through a constant will. It allows each individual to be innovative, take charge of the situation and build one’s own fate. Motivation is like a fire that needs to constantly burn inside one’s soul. This vibe is so contagious, that it allows other witnessing individuals to grow as an anchor of their own ship. It let’s you give that “one great shot” to your most precious opportunities in life, provided one works with sincerity and in a dedicated manner. This is one such power, that if once mastered can never be let go of – nobody can snatch away this art from you.motivation

The mantra is to just not give up till the very end. Fight out for your dreams as always remember, success doesn’t just come and find you, you have to go out and get.

Benefits of Water and its Magical Properties

Benefits of water

Benefits of Water – Water, amongst all the necessities on planet Earth undoubtedly  needs to be our first best friend. From drinking to swimming, using the ice cubes; the usage has a never ending list, subsequently, so does its benefits.

Water makes up two-third of who we are and 100% influences all the processes in our body.

If we make an attempt to study its significance and pen down its benefits, it goes as follows:

Benefits of Water

1. Relieves stress and fatigue
Consumption of water relieves the body of accumulated stress and fatigue as it hydrates the cells and prevents them from getting shrivelled. Thus, it assists in fighting out these commonly prevailing ailments.

2. Improves our mental health
Water improves our mental health as it creates an equilibrium in the brain, led by maintaining the blood pressure and hence stabilising the mind and body.

3. Helps in digestion
Water is extremely helpful in maintaining the accumulation and flow of nutrients throughout the body system by ensuring proper food intake. This enhances and smoothens the process of digestion in our body. Therefore, it relieves the body of digestion related problems like constipation.

4. Assists in weight loss
As discussed earlier, water regulates the digestive system and maintains the equilibrium of various nutrients in our body. Hence, it subsequently leads to weight loss through the required increment in our metabolic rate resulting in successfully acquiring the ideal weight.

5. Prevents joint pain and arthritis
Extensive consumption of water lubricates the joints and thus prevents the pain occurring due to degeneration of bones caused due to old-age, arthritis and various other injuries.

6. Helps in the treatment of headache and migraine
As the water plays a vital role in flushing out toxins and maintaining our blood pressure, it largely relieves headaches and migraines generated due to the accumulation of toxins.

7. Flushes out toxins
Consumption of water flushes toxins from the body which otherwise deposited are a cause of many internal as well as external ailments. Thus, flushing out the same gives a better glowing skin, healthier hair and relieves bloating.

8. Improves productivity
Water eases dehydration and leads to the expansion of brain’s grey matter. Thus, routine consumption of water has scientifically proved to have improved one’s productivity by 14 percent.

It is thus commonly recommendable to drink 8 ounce glasses of water per day. Consumption of water helps us to concentrate, focus and boost our energy level – this is so because our brain mostly consists water.

Water is life. One cannot expect the human race , flora and fauna to flourish without water. Water is survival for all.
Even though water is said to prevail in abundance, the usable amount is significantly restricted. Henceforth, we must be responsible and considerate to first ensure its judicious usage and thereafter spread the wellness water gives us in order to ensure that the wars of 21st century are not fought over water.

To conclude I would like to say, “If there’s magic on this planet, it is contained in water.”