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How to Enjoy Better Health with Natural Remedies


People are still unaware of the various health benefits natural remedies possess, even as the market gets an influx of a variety of traditional medicine and products which decent doctors and health experts prescribe against. The level of chemical preservatives in natural remedies is quite low or almost negligible when compared to the above mentioned “traditional” products. For example, trying to lose weight with prescription drugs and curing acid reflux with natural remedies really does not make any sense. Instead, going the natural way for both these problems is a far more better idea, when you can use Natural Remedies for Health to treat acid reflux, along with using mangos teen as a natural remedy aimed at helping you to lose weight.

If you are in constant search for nature friendly medicine or natural and herbal Home Remedies, you can get your hands on a number of herbs and oils that can help you to prepare a number of medicinal concoctions. The world is filled with a number of botanical and herbal products that can be used as beneficial alternatives to harmful prescription drugs that are accompanied by a number of side effects. According to herbal medicine experts, natural remedies are much better in terms of benefits and side effects when compared to prescription drugs and traditional medicine.

Herbal, natural and health enhancing remedies should always be used exclusively. They should never be coupled with prescription drugs with any kind, as these may contain harmful chemicals that might render the natural medication useless. Talk to your natural medicine physician carefully and discuss about your daily drug intake so that he can assist you in a proper way. When using natural remedies, you need to allow the benefits of these medicines to reach every part of your body for best results. So staying away from prescription drugs while on natural and herbal medication is a fine idea.

Let us now take a look at a few examples. There are various branded chemical antacids available in the market for indigestion and heartburn, which have various side effects. But rhubarb can be used as a natural remedy for these problems without having to be worried about any kind of alternate reactions. The same can be said for a more serious ailment like Attention Deficit Disorder or ADD. Chemical drugs cannot really cure the condition, but a natural remedy like Ginko Biloba can actually help to cure this ailment by improving an individual’s memory retention capabilities. There are quite a few natural remedies available for skin rashes and skin problems, but a patient needs to talk to an expert to identify the root cause of the rash and take medicines accordingly.

Various periodontists prescribe chemical drugs and injectables for gum related diseases, which are mainly caused by vitamin D deficiency. A smart individual can quite easily cure his or her gum problem by increasing the intake of vegetables that contain this vitamin, without having to suffer the torture of chemical medication. Hence, it can be said with confidence that herbal and natural remedies provide 100% health benefits with 0% side effects and the chance to lead a chemical-free healthy life.

First-Time Mothers – Where to Get Tips for Proper Baby Care


It is truly an overwhelming and exciting experience to become a first time mother. First time mothers do not usually have the necessary experience required to care for their first child, which overwhelms them even more. This sort of experience and knowledge must be gained and learned as the child grows and the mother grows with him or her.

Caring for a newborn is the prime responsibility of any mother – be it the first time, or the ninth time. This sort of responsibility can actually be quite scary for first time mothers, owing to their lack of experience. The best option these first time mothers have is to talk to other experienced mothers for some sort of techniques, advice, and tips for proper newborn care. This sort of newborn baby care guide can prove to be quite useful and helpful in bringing up a child properly.

Most newborns spend the entire day sleeping and eating, which makes it compulsory for the mothers to ensure their baby’s safety and comfort, and proper protection from ailments, diseases and infections of any sort. When a baby sleeps, his or her crib should be free from things like extra blankets, toys and other things so as to avoid the chance of suffocation or lack of proper ventilation. According to tips for new Mother from expert paediatricians, it is not wise to leave your baby unattended on car seats and bouncers or even swings, as these items, if and when it motion, can damage the baby’s spinal cord and skeletal structure when left unattended.

Newborns are usually not bathed before a month or 45 days has passed since their birth. This sort of consultation should be provided by an expert paediatrician, who will suggest the date and time of the baby’s first proper bath. A clean washcloth and lukewarm water is always a basic necessity when bathing a newborn. The umbilical cord, if still attached, should never get wet while bathing, and the mothers need to ensure this. Usually, doctors suggest that a newborn should be bathed after the remainder of the umbilical cord falls off on its own.

Newborn babies should be engaged in special exercises designed for infants by their mothers, but only with permission from their paediatrician. These sort of special exercises usually help the newborns to develop proper muscle strength and coordination. These exercises are also helpful in allowing a first time mother bond with her newborn in an efficient manner.

First time mothers must make sure that they care for their own health, apart from being mindful of their newborn’s health. A first time mother should be pampered at all times, as her own health remains fragile during the first few months after childbirth. Proper rest is an absolute necessity, because when a mother is well rested, she will be able to care for the newborn much more efficiently. Caring for a newborn can be extremely exhausting; hence, it is always important for the father to help out as well. The father can either choose to help with the baby, or take up the responsibility of all household responsibilities.

Benefits of Choosing the Correct Weight Loss Program for Fast Weight Loss


If you want to efficiently shed your weight, then working out ferociously or completely avoid solid food is not really a good idea. If you want to achieve your ideal weight and ideal body shape, and stick to those, you need follow a strict Weight Loss Program or regime, especially one designed by a health expert or nutritionist. When you stick to a certain weight loss program, adjusting your figure and your weight becomes a whole lot easier.

Following a Strict Set of Rules

If you are serious about losing weight and staying slim, you might want to consider writing your weight loss plan down on a sheet of art paper and sticking it on a wall where it is always visible. Doing so might actually help you lead a disciplined life and stick to the rules of the weight loss plan at every moment. Although not working out and eating fatty food items might seem like a luxurious thing to you, make yourself strong and try to avoid these things as best as possible for your own good. You might sometimes gain some weight while on the weight loss program, which might seem like a downer. But you need to hold your head and high and look towards the long term future, where you could have low body weight and an excellent physique.

Taking Care of Your Food Habits

Maintaining a food diary is also a vital part of any weight loss program, and is extremely beneficial for you when you want Fast Weight Loss. Whenever you eat or drink anything during the week, make it a point to make note of it in the food diary. This will help you to ascertain whether your diet pattern is right or wrong and whether any alteration is needed. At the end of each week, you need to review every entry you have made to find out your level of weekly calorie consumption. If, according to your food diary, your diet is accurate and you are still not close to your goal weight, then you need to think about the portion sizes you are eating so that you do not overeat.

Making All Lifestyle Changes Effective

You need introduce each and every lifestyle change gradually so that these changes can be fruitful and effective. This sort of planning helps you to stick to all the rules of your weight loss program, which gives you more room to introduce more and more lifestyle changes without having to go through too much stress. Some of the lifestyle changes that you can make with ease are shifting to full fat milk from half fat milk, changing over to brown bread, cutting down on consumption of fried food items, and many others.

Making the Right Choice is Always Good for You

You need to choose a weight loss program that is good for you – only then can you ensure its success. You need to have your health condition in mind when making the choice, so go for a program that is well within your limits and does not put your life and wellbeing at risk.

How to Save Your Life From Stress


Stress relief techniques can be used at any point in life. You do not have to work in an extremely high stress job position to make use of these techniques to save yourself. When you wait for stress to increase your blood pressure and then you plan to learn stress relief techniques, you only harm yourself. Learning them before hand could actually be a life saving move.

When stress is not kept under check, your body as well as your mind get damaged quite severely, and you might not even know anything about it. There are certain symptoms however, that can help you to ascertain whether or not you are under stress or free from it. The prime indicator is your sleep pattern. If you are getting ample sleep during the night, then stress has not crept up in your mind and body. But if you find it difficult to fall asleep, then you are dealing with stress and must find ways to keep it in check. Some medical tests also exist that can help you to determine if stress has caused any physiological damage.

Today, we will talk about some techniques that will help you to answer a very simple question – how to relieve stress. Read on to find out more.

Meditation – A Fine Solution

Many people are of the opinion that meditation means visiting a temple or monastery in the heart of the mountain and practicing the art of sitting still and attaining a meditative state. This cannot be further from the truth. Meditation is simply the art of sitting where you are, clearing your mind, and taking yourself to a different place altogether. This simple practice can actually relax your mind and your body and relieve stress to a great extent. This sort of mind vacation helps you to severe the thread of stressful thoughts, and also gives you a chance to handle whatever comes your way.

Deep Breathing – Tricky Yet Beneficial

According to doctors and experts from all over the world, deep breathing actually has the ability to reduce blood pressure and relieve stress. When we are under stress, our body releases harmful hormones that might boost our blood pressure levels and our level of excitement. With deep breathing, you ensure that your heart stays calm, your level of excitement is curbed, and your blood pressure is controlled. With deep breathing, we introduce healing oxygen in our body that helps us to relax. When we are under stress, our brain and heart get stressed due to constricted breathing. Deep breathing can solve that issue.

Relaxing Your Muscles

The muscles in our body make use of tension to support our overall frame and structure. But when the stress tension is not released from the muscles over an extended period, various pathological muscle conditions tend to develop. Chronic muscle inflammation is the most common problem individuals with slow stress release suffer from. This sort of condition needs to be taken care of on an urgent basis with various physical therapies and massage therapies if you want to bring your stress levels down.

Newborn Baby Care – How to Take Care of Newborn Baby


It can be extremely challenging to take care of newborn babies, and even more so when it is your first child. A newborn baby requires a lot of attention and requires you to spend almost all of your time with him or her. You might need to hire an assistant or a nanny at home who can lend a helping hand with the baby and the household work so that things can go on smoothly and efficiently. Today, we are going to talk about some of the top tips that can help you in caring for your newborn baby. Read on to find out more.

Caring For the Newborn Baby’s Health

When your newborn baby is born, you need to get him or her checked for any kind of health related problems and neonatal ailments. You need to have the baby tested for blood glucose levels as well as jaundice, as there are the two prime ailments that can affect newborns. If your child is suffering from one of these ailments, then you need to adhere to whatever the doctor suggests so that your newborn can be taken care of efficiently.

Feeding the Newborn Baby

According to newborn baby care tips suggested by expert paediatricians, breastfeeding is the only kind of meal a newborn should have. But, in case the mother is not able to feed her newborn, packaged milk can be used as well. The milk can be boiled properly, filled in a feeding bottle, and fed to the baby. But in a normal scenario, a newborn baby must have mother’s breast milk for at least the first six months. After your newborn is fed, you must make sure that you burp him or her after every feeding. This will help in proper digestion.

Handling the Newborn With Care and Concern

When lifting your newborn, you need to ensure that the baby’s neck and back are supported with your hands properly. In this age, the bones are extremely fragile, and extreme care and caution is of the utmost importance. You should never shake the newborn in any case whatsoever. You need to be gentle when handling your baby, and no type of rough handling should be practiced in any case. Sometimes babies cry for hours on end for no reason whatsoever, which is caused by colic in the stomach. You need to patiently handle this situation with gripe water and other medication to help your newborn baby relax.

Sleeping is Vital for a Newborn

When your newborn baby comes home from the hospital, he or she will sleep for several hours every day. This sleep should never be disturbed in any case. When the baby sleeps peacefully, the organs in his or her body start to develop much more efficiently and much more quickly. For the baby to grow up healthy, deep sleep is an absolute necessity. Whenever your baby wakes up, take him or her up in your lap and cuddle him or her properly. This gives your baby a sense of security and comfort, which is necessary for a baby to grow up properly.

Quick Weight Loss Diet Plan – Lose Weight Quickly With One of the Best Diet Plans


There are quite a few reasons for which you might want to be on and stick to a quick weight loss diet plan – maybe you want to lose fat for a body building contest, or may you want to look slim for your modelling profession. Whatever the reason might be – you must always keep a few fast weight loss tips and guidelines in mind so that you can extract the last bit of benefit from your chosen weight loss plan. So today, we are going to take a look at some of these tips and guidelines that can help you to shed your excess weight safely, quickly and effectively. Read on to find out more.

Making Sure That the Diet Plan You Follow is Complete and Balanced

You must make sure that you stick to a holistic weight loss diet plan, as it will be beneficial for you only. If you starve yourself in the name of dieting, or try to cut down on your food consumption and live off supplement capsules and pills that help to burn fat, you will not really be making a healthy choice. Sticking to a complete and balanced diet is the ideal tool that you can use if you want to achieve quick weight loss. For those who are new to this, a complete and balanced diet normally means a diet plan that includes all the major food groups, namely, fruits, carbohydrates, vegetables, water, minerals, fat and protein.

Small and Frequent Meal Portions Help You a Lot

Once you have all your dietary intakes planned out, you need to ensure that your total food intake is divided into smaller portions and the frequency of consumption is increased from three times a day to at least five or six times a day. Whenever you skip a meal or there is a long gap, your body secretes a hormone known as ghrelin, or more commonly known as the hunger hormone. This hormone is responsible for slowing down the metabolism of fat in your system, which leads to an ultimate increase in appetite, which then leads to weight gain because of over eating. But when you make it a habit to consume smaller meal portions five or six times a day, you help in the maintenance of proper blood glucose levels as well as increase fat metabolism.

Stay Away From a High Calorie and High Fat Diet

When a normal everyday individual wants to shed excess weight by following a slimming eating pattern, he or she must make sure that high calorie and fatty foods are avoided at all costs. Excessive consumption of food groups like carbohydrates prohibits proper utilisation of fat in the system, which ultimately gets accumulated and increases the weight of the individual. Hence, when you decrease the consumption rate of fatty and calorigenic food items, you deprive the body of excess energy, which ultimately helps in the metabolism of the accumulated fat, leading to quick weight loss.

Follow these easy weight loss tips as best as you can to ensure that you efficiently shed your excess weight and save yourself from embarrassment, disease and distress, along with looking fine and healthy.

Effective Home Remedies For Nasal Congestion

nasal congestion

Just when you think that your common cold is finally going away, it turns into something nastier – nasal congestion! Oh, yes, you know the signs, for your nose feels all stuffed up, your head hurts and your nose is running like mad. Somewhere deep inside, mucus build up is causing sinus pain too. To top it all, you find it rather difficult to breathe at times.

The common cold is not the only cause of nasal congestion. You could be having allergies to various things, especially pollen or other environmental irritants. Influenza, chronic sinus infection, exposures to chemicals, etc, are other causes. The good news is that the symptoms generally abate after a week. Unless the condition stretches beyond a week, you need not visit your family doctor. Home remedies should work just fine, below are some very effective remedies that work wonders.

Remedies For Nasal Congestion


Yes, it does have a strong smell and does not taste very pleasant, but a few fresh cloves of garlic in the morning will take care of the terrible stuffiness quite effectively. Note that garlic’s anti-fungal and anti-viral properties are perfect for curing nasal congestion.

Alternatively, you may consume a concoction of boiled water, two or three cloves of garlic and half-a-teaspoon of turmeric powder every day.

Eucalyptus Oil

This pungent-smelling oil is a marvellous decongestant, which will protect your sinuses against inflammation too.

Put a few drops of the oil onto a fresh handkerchief and keep inhaling the aroma several times during the day. Prior to bedtime, pour a few drops onto your pillow. Your sleep will be blissful!

Herbal Tea

Are you fond of tea? If so, sideline your normal beverage in favour of herbal tea. Peppermint tea is a great choice, for it contains menthol.

Feel the warmth flowing through your veins every time you gulp a cup of hot herbal tea. Every cup helps to reduce the toxic mucus build-up within your nasal passages. You will be free of your nasal congestion within no time!

Tomato Juice

Make a cup of hot tea comprising of a cup of tomato juice, hot sauce, one tablespoon each of lemon juice and chopped garlic, and a pinch of Celtic sea salt. Sip gradually. Have it twice daily.

Go in for spicy foods containing red chilli, ginger, onion or garlic, as much as you can.

Steam Inhalation

Boil water in a large vessel. Add a tablespoon of carom seeds or a few drops of peppermint oil to the water. Cover your head with a large towel and inhale the steam emanating from the vessel. Do keep your head at arm’s distance from the vessel if you prefer not to use the towel. You will experience a wonderful clearing of your nasal congestion.

Repeat twice or thrice in a day. Avoid, if you are pregnant, suffer from a heart condition, hypertension or a disorder of your nervous system.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Prepare a nutritious blend of warm water, two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar and a tablespoon of honey. Consume it a couple of times or more in a day.

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Ovulation Calculator | Know Your Best Time to Get Pregnant

ovulation calculator

How to Use Ovulation Calculator

Just fill the below mentioned details in Ovulation Calculator and know your best time to get pregnant.

  • 1st day of your last period  
  • Length of your cycle

NOTE: This tool provides approximate dates only and assumes a regular menstrual cycle.
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It also known as Fertility Calculator or Ovulation Calendar is a very useful tool. Ovulation Calculator is a tool which predicts your most likely to be fertile days and increases your chance of conceiving.

Ovulation Cycle

Day one is the first day of the cycle and the last day is the day prior to next period begins. Ovulation happens about two weeks before the next expected menstrual period. So if your average cycle is of 28 days, ovulation day must be 14th day. If your menstrual cycle is irregular, prediction may not be accurate.

What controls the ovulation?
During each cycle, your brain’s hypothalamus and pituitary gland send hormone signals back and forth with your ovaries. These signals get the ovaries and uterus ready for a pregnancy. An egg can live up to 12 to 24 hours leaving ovary. Now when you have used Ovulation Calculator, let us understand what is ovulation.

What is Ovulation

When a mature egg is released from ovary and pushed towards fallopian tube the process is called ovulation. Every month an ovum will be matured and released by one of the both ovaries and will be available for fertilization. Same way every month, the lining of the uterus has thickened to prepare for the fertilized egg. If no conception occurs, the uterine lining, as well as blood, will be shed. The shedding of an un-fertilized egg and the uterine wall is called menstruation. Have you tried the Ovulation Calculator on the top?

The phases of menstrual cycle:

Follicular phase
The follicular phase (or proliferative phase) is the phase of the menstrual cycle during which the ovarian follicles mature. The follicular phase lasts from the beginning of menstruation to the start of ovulation, that is first 13 to 14 days of last menstrual period.
For ovulation to be successful, the ovum must be supported by the corona radiata and cumulus oophorous granulosa cells. The latter undergo a period of proliferation and mucification known as cumulus expansion. Mucification is the secretion of a hyaluronic acid-rich cocktail that disperses and gathers the cumus cell network in a sticky matrix around the ovum. This network stays with the ovum after ovulation and has been shown to be necessary for fertilization. An increase in cumulus cell number causes an increase in antrum fluid volume that can swell the follicle to over 20 mm in diameter. It forms a pronounced bulge at the surface of the ovary called the blister.

Estrogen levels peak towards the end of the follicular phase. This causes a surge in levels of luteinizing hormone (LH) and follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH). This lasts from 24 to 36 hours, and results in the rupture of the ovarian follicles, causing the oocyte to be released from the ovary via the oviduct. Through a signal transduction cascade initiated by LH, proteolytic enzymes are secreted by the follicle that degrade the follicular tissue at the site of the blister, forming a hole called the stigma. The cumulus-oocyte complex (COC) leaves the ruptured follicle and moves out into the peritoneal cavity through the stigma, where it is caught by the fimbriae at the end of the fallopian tube. After entering the oviduct, the ovum-cumulus complex is pushed along by cilia, beginning its journey toward the uterus.

By this time, the oocyte has completed meiosis I, yielding two cells: the larger secondary oocyte that contains all of the cytoplasmic material and a smaller, inactive first polar body. Meiosis II follows at once but will be arrested in the metaphase and will so remain until fertilization. The spindle apparatus of the second meiotic division appears at the time of ovulation. Fertilization occurs in ampulla.
If no fertilization occurs, the oocyte will degenerate between 12 and 24 hours after ovulation.
The mucous membrane of the uterus, termed the functionalis, has reached its maximum size, and so have the endometrial glands, although they are still non-secretory.

Luteal Phase
The follicle proper has met the end of its lifespan. Without the oocyte, the follicle folds inward on itself, transforming into the corpus luteum(pl. corpora lutea), a steroidogenic cluster of cells that produces estrogen and progesterone. These hormones induce the endometrial glands to begin production of the proliferative endometrium and later into secretory endometrium, the site of embryonic growth if implantation occurs. The action of progesterone increases basal body temperature by one-quarter to one-half degree Celsius (one-half to one degree Fahrenheit). The corpus luteum continues this paracrine action for the remainder of the menstrual cycle, maintaining the endometrium, before disintegrating into scar tissue during menses.

Menstrual Phase

When ovum is not available for fertilization disintegration of the adaptation changes occurred in the endometrium occurs resulting in shedding of menstrual blood along with fertilized ovum. This usually lasts for 4 to 5 days.

What is Type 1 Diabetes


Type 1 Diabetes is generally seen in children and approximately 5-10 percent of total diabetic patients are effected with Type 1 Diabetes. Let us understand more with the help of this video.

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